Introduction to Future Automation Now!

Are you a medium or large business with between 20 and 10,000 servers? Would you like to automate routine IT operations like:

  • Start/Stop Servers
  • Apply Updates and Patches
  • Run other processes SIMULTANEOUSLY or SEQUENTIALLY across hundreds of servers, across the enterprise, all over the world
  • Execute High-Availability and Failover configurations also

With the intelligent use of RPA (Robotics Process Automation) you can free up your human talent to innovate.  You can run them in parallel or in sequence and free up people to focus on more important things like trouble-shooting and customer support! No other product in the market covers quite the same range of operating systems:

Windows servers? Check! ✓

Linux Servers of almost any flavor? Check! ✓

Unix Servers? Check! ✓

They can be operated or simultaneously, sequentially or a combination! This is far more efficient and scalable than remote control tools where you and your technical team can only operate ONE system at a time!

Note:  do you need to make sure your servers are properly authenticated inside an application like SAP?  You can learn how to do so here.  Links for Oracle and other applications will follow.  Having trusted authentication on your servers is an important first step to make sure that your RPA processes are more secure.

Check out the Live Demo and get free software download here!

FUNAuto:  Extract Opportunity from Challenges

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