GBC – Remote Technical and Business Staffing Services

Staffing means not just providing great technologists but also great business professionals and projects managers to drive 100% customer satisfaction.  With the technology available to us, there is often no need to have consultants in your office taking up billing time and office space. With your informed consent and complete control, we can set up infrastructure to log on to your systems remotely and provide support as well.

For Security and cost-effectiveness, we recommend Linux and Android-based mobile solutions for SAP from the workstation and support Windows and Unix as well.  All our Windows systems are protected by anti-virus software.


  1. Is there high-speed broadband Internet/phone service available at present?  Yes, along with independent satellite-based wireless aircards.
  2. What kind of security will be enforced at the location?
    The following levels of security are enforced:
    •          Physical security to enter the building as well (7×24 access available)
    •          Magnetic card security to enter the office premises (7×24 access available)
    •          Password Logon security on each notebook
    •          Additional security to log on to the client’s network as determined by the client’s standards
    •          All notebooks will either be obtained from the client or configured to client’s requirements.
    •          Standard notebooks will have either Windows with anti-virus software or Linux
  3. Is there a pantry or break room?  Yes, food may only be consumed in a segregated area so no spills occur in the work areas.
    What is the camera use policy?  No cameras are permitted in the office premises, except after authorization.
  4. How are communication skills managed for call center personnel?:  Graduates are hired with Bachelor’s degrees in English or equivalent;  or others with US or Western education.  Hiring to be done by a former newscaster and approved by the client (if required).

Our Offices

View some of our office premises currently available for remote support.  This configuration is subject to change based on availability.  Designs copyright by RsQR Architects: