he 2012 SAP TechEd is not quite over yet but its “big picture” of offerings is showing how SAP is rapidly bringing HANA from the large data centers to smaller businesses.  From NongFu, China’s largest bottled water provider to Red Bull USA, the energy drink firm that is implementing HANA with RDS (Rapid Deployment Services), HANA is demonstrating value across the data spectrum.  Now, there is a new offering from SAP:  HANA on the Cloud.  SAP HANA One and NetWeaver Cloud are both available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud today.

However, HANA does not stop there:  Developers can now also create their own software using SAP HANA on the Cloud using HANA AppServices and DBServices, which automatically brings the flexibility of scale not only to large data marts but also to smaller firms.  At $1/hour for this use, suddenly the line between firms large and small is blurred.  In the corporate data mining world, this could be as revolutionary as the Internet was a decade ago:  suddenly, barriers fall, borders don’t matter and data mining is available to anyone who can pay the low startup cost.

Exciting times, as we embark on the next application of HANA.  Last year, HANA was heralded for moving from Hype to Here in record time.  Now, it is moving from Here to Where Next?  Who knows, as the world becomes an ever-smaller oyster for SAP and its customers.